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Tips to Improving Bath Time for Your Dog

Posted Feb 3, 2017 in Dog Tips

Bath time can be something that your dog (and you) dread. If your dog is a hater of bath time, it doesn’t make it any easier for you either. Luckily, there is hope! There are many ways to make washing up your furry friend easier for both of you. Here are our tips for making your pup’s time in the tub go smoothly.

Stay Positive

We can sometimes forget how much our dogs pick up on our emotions. They really do feed off whatever energy you are putting out. If you seem tense and unhappy about bath time, your dog will feel the same. Stay aware of what you are doing and try to exude positive body language and high-energy communication when you tell your dog it’s time for a bath.


Your dog is much more likely to corporate if you go on a walk or have playtime before you try to have bath time.  There are two main reasons for this. Your dog will have gotten out their pent-up energy, which was causing them to be unable to calm down during a bath. They also will feel hot and tired, which makes them want to cool off. If they want to cool off. they are more likely to actually enjoy the bath.

Slow Down

It will not go well if you are rushed and don’t budget enough time for this activity. Make sure you set aside time to relax with your pup.

Bring Toys and Food

Your dog will be more excited to bathe if toys and food are involved. When you associate positive things with going in the activity, they will remember that when bath time rolls around. Bring your dog’s favorite toys or try feeding them to help make the activity have a positive connotation in their mind.

Start Young

Starting young with bath time, like many other things, will help you in the long term. Start bathing your puppy from a young age to make them comfortable in the bath and things will go smoothly in the future.

Follow these steps and bath time with your furry friend will be much easier! Look into having a trainer help you if you feel like you are still struggling. Good luck!

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