last minute dog gifts

Last Minute Gifts for Your Dog

Posted Dec 24, 2016 in Fun Dog Stuff

Who doesn’t love to spoil their pets? There’s not better time than the holidays to get some awesome things for our favorite furry friends. Our dogs doesn’t have be left out the holiday fun when it comes to presents! It’s getting close to end of the holiday time frame, so here are some last minute ideas of what to get your dog that they will love!

Pet-Proof Pillows

Some dogs just love to jump on the couch and hang out with us. These pet pillows  are both tear resistant and washable. Also, they bled in to look like just another pillow on your couch. They’re great for snuggling around the holidays and your pet will love them!

Fuzzy Dog Bed

If your dog loves to sleep, a lush and luxury doggie bed is a great gift idea. Here’s a gold memory foam bed if you’re pup needs a throne fit for a diva! Another great option is this suede, polka dot bed. There’s a fluffy bed perfect for every dog!

Christmas Collar

Want your dog to match with the rest of the family’s holiday outfits? Pick up this holiday collar! They’ll be the most stylish dog on the block. And it’ll look cute in your holiday photos!


Do you live a super cold place and need to keep your dog warm and cozy on winter walks? Or do you just want your dog to be the cutest dog around in a winter outfit? Either way, a dog sweater is the perfect gift! This option has a moose on it and comes a variety of sizes!

Custom Treats

What dog doesn’t love treats? If you want to really spoil your dog this year, order some custom organic dog treats. They come in 5 flavors, so you can choose what you think your dog would like best! The best part is you can customize the bag with a picture of your pup! There are also these gourmet doggie “doughnuts” that are made of chicken liver and dipped in yogurt. They look adorable, but your dog will also love something different from their usual treat!

Training Bones

If your dog loves puzzles and tricks, a training bone is a great idea for their gift this year. There are a variety of types that require your pup to search for treats. They keep your pup’s mind and body active!

Hopefully these options sparked some ideas for what to gift your pup this year! No matter what, they’ll love anything you get them! Happy Holidays!

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