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Getting Your Dog into Acting

Posted Feb 16, 2017 in LA

Do you think your dog has what it takes to be a star? Some dogs really are made for the screen! If your dog is smart, quick to learn new tricks, and loves attention, then the screen might be for them. Some dogs are eager to learn new tricks and have the intelligence to know many more. Dogs in movies and commercials touch people’s heart and make the audience happy. Many people want their dogs to be apart of that. Here are some tips how to get your dog involved in show-biz!

No Distractions

Your dog has to be more than just cute to succeed in the acting world! One way a dog is bound to impress casting agents is to be able to avoid distractions. There are so many lights, people, and cameras on a set that your pup has to ignore. If your dog is incredibly focused and isn’t distracted by much around them, the acting life may be right for them!


Another key to your dog being successful on set is being very socialized. Depending on the shoot, there can be anywhere from just a few crew members to dozens. To impress an agent, your dog will need to be very well behaved around lots of people, as well as be able to handle the distractions the people bring.

The 4 D’s

There are also 4 training aspects that are important to a dog’s success on set.

  • Discipline-Your dog must be trained in the basics and beyond.
  • Distraction– As we discussed, large shoots have a lot going on. The dog must be able to stay focused on their one task throughout the whole shoot.
  • Distance– Distance means being able to learn targeting. Your dog will need to be able to run to a disc at a distance of at least 20 feet and then perform a specific behavior.
  • Duration– Your dog also needs to be able to do the trick over and over again- until the director likes the take. They will have breaks, but they need to not get too bored or tired.

Not just any dog can be an acting dog! While all different sizes and breeds are needed, your dog needs to be a certain way to succeed! Good luck and “break a leg!”

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