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Signs Your Dog May Be Suffering from Allergies

Posted Sep 2, 2016 in Dog Health

For us, allergies mean itchy eyes, sneezing, and stuffy noses. Unfortunately, our dogs can also suffer from allergies just like us. Their symptoms are different than ours, so you may not even know your pup has allergies! Here are some signs your four-legged friend may have allergies.

Itchy and Red Skin

If your dog seems to be scratching him or herself more than normal, especially after they just were outside, this may be allergies. If your dog also has rashes or hives on parts of their body that touch the grass (belly, feet), that’s another sign they may be allergic to something.

Rubbing and Licking

If your dog seems to be excessively licking or rubbing their face or entire body against carpets/couches, they may be trying to alleviate some type of itch or pain that is bothering them.

Hot Spots

If your dog has been exposed to allergies for a while and they’re not treated, they may develop hot spots. The skin will become red, experience hair loss, and may even bleed.

Shaking Head

If the allergy is affecting your dog’s ears, they will shake their head excessively and not like when you touch their head. Their ears will also be irritated and have an odor.

Puffy Eyes

This is a symptom that both humans and dogs share. If your dog is irritated by something in their environment, their eyes will become red and puffy.

Contact your vet if you believe your dog is suffering from allergies to learn more and find a solution.


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