dog safety tips for your children

Dog Safety Tips for Your Children

Posted Aug 18, 2016 in Dog Tips

Bringing a dog into your home with children can have so many positive results. Having a pet can teach your children responsibility, independence, and compassion to animals. Along with all these things, there are also some risks when you bring a new furry friend into a home, especially your children. Here are some tips to keep your kids safe and responsible with their new pet!

Pack Leader

Dogs naturally have packs and need leaders. Every member of your family needs to demonstrate authority in order to make sure no one gets picked on.


Never leave your young child unsupervised with your pup. It seems like it may be overprotective, but accidents can always happen, even if your pet is extremely well behaved.

Sounds and Touch

Teach your children that they shouldn’t approach your dog while they’re sleeping or eating, as well as explaining that they shouldn’t make loud noises and sudden movements around their pet. On that topic, explain what touching is good with your dog (petting, rubbing) and what is bad (pulling on tail, tugging ears.)

Other Animals

When you’re around other people’s dogs, teach your children to always ask if they can pet or play with the dog. If they are allowed to touch another dog, teach them to place their hand out for the dog to sniff before petting the dog.

Having a dog can be a wonderful learning experience for your children, along with giving them a best friend, as long as you’re safe. Follow these tips and use your best judgment!

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